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If fat loss is your goal, you should really aim at improving your health rather than following any of the literally thousands of plans out there that are based around calorie restriction and product sales rather than nutrient quality.

I often meet people who have managed to lose weight but struggle to keep it off and tell me that they feel crap, have no energy, digestive issues and poor skin amongst their many complaints.

By improving your health, you will be giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive, rather than merely survive your diet programme.  There are lots of thin unhealthy people, but very few fat, truly healthy people.

When you have good health, your body simply doesn’t have a reason to hold on to excess body fat and sheds it.  Your body will store accumulated toxins in body fat until it has time to deal with them, if you are constantly throwing more toxins in, it doesn’t have a choice but to keep adding to your body fat stores.

At Achieve Coventry Personal Training, we use the ‘Real Food, Real Results’ nutrition programme with our clients and bootcamp members to achieve fantastic results; our current record is 2 dress sizes and 21lbs in only 4 weeks.

Our programme advises eating food as close to its natural state as possible and avoiding all processed foods.   No one can argue that increasing the amount of fresh, ideally organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables that you consume is one of the best ways to improve your health.

I understand that organic foods can be more expensive but I feel that they are worth the extra expense.  Conventionally farmed foods have been treated with an array of chemicals including pesticides, insecticides and synthetic fertilizers, all of which have been linked with many illnesses in the human body ranging from migraines to cancers.

Often the people who argue about the cost of organic foods have no problem drinking ten pints at the weekend, which would easily cover the cost to upgrade to organic foods.  However, if you are on a tight budget there are some foods which are more important to get from an organic source.

We have all seen the TV documentaries about animal welfare of non-organically farmed animals, but welfare issues aside; these animals are also fed from sources not natural to their diets thus producing ill animals that need to be treated with antibiotics.  Often they are also given growth hormones and steroids to make them grow at a faster rate and beyond their normal size to create more profits.

These drugs are in the animal when it is slaughtered and are still there when eaten; more will accumulate in the animals fat stores, as in humans when we take in excess toxins, so removing the fat will reduce the toxic load, but not remove it.  The only way to avoid these chemicals fully is to eat organic meat.  If you are local to Coventry, take a drive over to Jason’s Organic Butchers for a full range of local and organic meats.

Organic meat becomes more expensive when buying for convenience; for example, a pack of organic chicken breasts costs around £7.00, but you can buy a full chicken for only £3.00 more.  You get lots more meat, and in my opinion the better tasting parts of the bird, you are also left with the ingredients to make your own stock.

What you do with the leftovers is only limited by your imagination and skill in the kitchen, but if you don’t practice you will always have to rely on ready prepared portions, which long-term is more expensive.

There are a number of resources and recipe books to help with eating clean here:

Part 2 – options for Fruit and Vegetables will be posted later this week.

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