Real Food, Real Results

The aim of the ‘Real Food, Real Results’ programme and ‘eating clean’ is to reduce the amount of toxins you take in to your body to help regulate your hormonal system.  Many of the foods we commonly shop for contain ingredients that our bodies find hard to process and are considered to be a toxin by our systems.

Your body will then store these away in fat until it has time to process them.  We know the effects of some of the obvious toxins without being told; the reason many people drink alcohol is for the toxic effect of being drunk, however they then complain when the toxic effect of hangover hits them.

The ‘Real Food, Real Results’ programme focuses on having foods that are natural, wholesome and supportive to your body.

With the main foods to avoid being:

Processed Foods – This is anything that comes in a tin, is pre-packed, or the ingredients have numbers and unpronounceable words.

Sugar – Including sucrose, glucose, fructose and the many other ingredients added that end in ‘ose’.

Wheat & Gluten Products – Bread, biscuits, cakes, pies and breakfast cereals.  The list for gluten is extensive; it is added to many foods as a bulking agent, if you’re buying non-organic meats, check for ingredients.  I saw a turkey last Christmas in the supermarket that was only 95% turkey!

Alcohol – All forms including cooking alcohol.

Caffeine – The obvious ones are coffee, tea, hot chocolate and fizzy drinks.  However, beware of herbal teas as some contain caffeine, e.g., green tea (most brands will say naturally decaffeinated if they are okay to drink).  Also avoid decaf, as these products have been through a chemical process to remove the caffeine, these chemicals are often more harmful to the body than the caffeine itself.

Dairy – Milk and Cheese, (full fat natural yogurt is allowed).

The standard response I get when suggesting this programme is: “What will I eat?”  My answer is always the same, “Foods which are natural, wholesome and supportive to your body”.

We always focus on what we can’t have rather than everything else that is available.  The basic rule of thumb is; if you could pick it, dig it, catch it and eat it, then it should be okay, obviously there are exceptions to the rule and common sense should prevail.

It can be hard to begin with but the more organised you are the easier it will be.  If you follow these principles 100% you will feel great, lose tons of body fat and inches, sleep better and have better skin.