Smoothies and Juices

Tropical Green Smoothies

A fantastic smoothie to sip in the sunshine and imagine you’re on a tropical beach.

Real Food, Real Results Smoothies and Juices
One of the most common questions we get asked by our real food coaching plan members during the summer is “What can I drink; I’m bored of plain water?” Therefore, we have developed the smoothies and juices book to give our members some options that not only taste great but will keep them on track with their health goals. Over 40 recipes, that's less than 10p per recipe ... Bargain! All of the recipes in this book keep to the real food, real results principles of only eating and drinking nutritious and supportive foods.
Price: £4.00

The recipes in this book have been tried and tested by our clients and the images throughout are ones that they have taken of the drinks they prepared in their own kitchens.  They are not professional photos and represent how the drink could look in real life rather than if prepared by a chef in a photographic studio.  Although, Catherine upped her game and put some real effort into hers :0)

Check out the full list of recipes included in the book below: