Bread – Do you really need it with every meal?

Following on from Fran’s post about Subway being healthy (read it here), I thought I would let you know the other reasons why we avoid bread when following the real food plan. Along with dairy, removing wheat / gluten products from an eating plan causes the most psychological problems for our members.  Bread and cereals have become so ingrained in our culture that people have panic attacks when it is even suggested that they are avoided for … [Read more...]

Summer Smoothie

I hope you have been enjoying the fantastic weather we've been having recently and keeping your fluid levels topped up. We are currently putting together our summer cookbook and I've been tweaking the 'juices, smoothies and refreshers' section this morning.  One of the most common things we hear in this weather is that water can be boring to drink on it's own, I'll offer some more solutions to this later in the week but for a quick fix for … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Pancakes

It’s pancake day :0) Lots of people will tell you that you couldn’t possibly have pancakes when you’re on a diet but it really depends on the ingredients you use and the type of filling. Here is a recipe from my ‘Real Food, Real Results – Winter Cookbook’ for drop pancakes, if you wanted to make them larger and thinner (like traditional pancakes) add a little more fluid, coconut or almond milk works really well. These pancakes are a … [Read more...]