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Fran and I have been following an organic way of eating for a long time now.  Eating good quality food that has been farmed in a sustainable and ethical way is something we are both passionate about.

That’s not to say that we are perfect and don’t eat anything else but that we make a conscious effort to eat in places that have a good reputation and know the source of the foods they are serving.  Over the coming weeks, we will share with you some of those places in our local area.

I’m often asked if I felt different when I switched to organic foods, I can’t say that I did.  It was a gradual process and as with our Real Food Plan members I would have suffered from a detox type hangover, just over a longer period.  What I do notice now though, is if I have a weekend where I don’t focus as much on the foods I am eating or eat as a ‘normal’ person would.  On Monday morning, I feel ‘less than’ myself; that is, I need the snooze button, I have less energy, I don’t feel alive to the same extent that I’m used to.

And I don’t like it!  Why would I want to feel mediocre or average when I could feel fantastic and full of beans?  If making better choices about the foods I consume means that I function on a higher level and ‘bing’ awake in the mornings, ready to start my day firing on all cylinders, I am going to make those choices.

It really is as simple as that, make choices about what you put in your mouth rather than just grabbing anything that is convenient because you didn’t have the energy to plan your meals.

Make a start today, visit your local green grocers or butchers and buy food that will give you some nutrients.  Food needs to be alive to give you life; the further you move away from nature – the further you will move away from nature.  Too many people are walking around undernourished but overfed, surviving the day rather than living it.  Ready meals and barcode snacks will not provide you with the nutrients you require to be vibrant and full of life.

Give to your body and your health will improve and support those that are trying to help rather than fight against them because you have the right to eat crap.  The video above and some of our recent blog posts summarise how the food industry is about profit and not health, farming has changed for the worse and it is now necessary to purchase organic foods to take care of your health.   Organic food used to be known by another name – FOOD.

Your health is YOUR responsibilty, if you have children, their health is also YOUR responsibility; make choices that benefit you.  If you need help in making those choices downloading a copy of our The Real Food Plan is a good start.

Go back to the start, make food choices that are as close to the natural form of the food as possible.


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