Catherine’s Healthy Fish Pie

Real food really isn't boring and tastes great, there is no reason for you to follow a diet based around crap ready meals that are packed full of additives and flavourings to disguise the taste.  One of our Achieve Bootcamp @ Home members is documenting her journey on our bootcamp blog.  Catherine has been a member of Achieve for a couple of years and has lots of experience with The Real Food Plan.  Yesterday she sent me the recipe for a fish pie … [Read more...]

Back to the start

Fran and I have been following an organic way of eating for a long time now.  Eating good quality food that has been farmed in a sustainable and ethical way is something we are both passionate about. That's not to say that we are perfect and don't eat anything else but that we make a conscious effort to eat in places that have a good reputation and know the source of the foods they are serving.  Over the coming weeks, we will share with you … [Read more...]

Why vegetarians shouldn’t drink milk (and it’s not why you think)

Did anyone see the recent Jimmy vs the Giant Supermarket programme where Jimmy Doherty took on Tesco in a bid to produce a higher welfare meatball?  I’ve been aware of the issues raised in the programme for some time but feel that now is the time for more people to take action as change is much more likely to occur with the backing of a high-profile figurehead (just look at what Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall managed to achieve with his ‘fish … [Read more...]

Subway – healthy eating??

Have you seen the latest Subway ad campaign? If not I’ll briefly describe it for you.  They have a couple of Olympic athletes, an athlete and a boxer, stating what their favourite Subway sandwich is. The message implicit in the ad is that Subway sandwiches are healthy and this is backed up by the current TV campaign featuring the same athletes.   The problem I have with this is that by no stretch of the imagination is a Subway sandwich … [Read more...]

Improved Health = Fat Loss

I'm currently on the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand working on my health and nutrition project - The Real Food Plan with some of the UK's finest health and fitness coaches and personal trainers. In the health, fat loss and fitness world there is an absolute minefield of information about nutrition and diets. It is confusing as a personal trainer and somebody who works with this stuff every day; I can only imagine how hard it must be … [Read more...]