How to toss healthily

It's Shrove Tuesday, here in the UK more commonly known as Pancake Day. Pancakes taste great and are easy to make, just throw some milk, eggs and flour into a bowl and whisk up before frying in a pan.  Then add any combination of sweet or savoury toppings, my favourites are chocolate spread and back to basics sugar with fresh lemon juice. However, if you are following The Real Food Plan or avoiding gluten or dairy, the above recipe is … [Read more...]

What’s all the fuss about the OMG diet?

Following on from my last post about my interview on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire about fad diets I thought I would expand this week on the current fad diet getting all the attention.  It is the ‘Six Weeks to OMG – Get Skinnier than all your Friends’ diet book.  It has sold FIVE times more copies than the popular Dukan diet. The reason the OMG diet has been in the news recently is because the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) banned a … [Read more...]

Improved Health = Fat Loss

I'm currently on the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand working on my health and nutrition project - The Real Food Plan with some of the UK's finest health and fitness coaches and personal trainers. In the health, fat loss and fitness world there is an absolute minefield of information about nutrition and diets. It is confusing as a personal trainer and somebody who works with this stuff every day; I can only imagine how hard it must be … [Read more...]