The Real Food Plan Frugal Shepherds Pie

Easy Peasy, Tasty Shepherds Pie So I started by frying a couple of chopped onions in some coconut oil (olive oil would do if coconut freaks you out!). Once the onions are soft in goes 400-500g of lamb mince and 2 x cloves garlic - chopped. Brown the mince and then chuck in whichever veg you are using - I did 2 x celery stick - chopped and 2 x carrots - chopped. I then added 4 x fresh tomatoes - chopped, a Kallo Organic Beef Stock Cube, 500ml … [Read more...]

Choose health part 2 – fruits and vegetables

In my post about choosing health, I went through some of the benefits of eating organic meat and stated that ‘no one can argue that increasing the amount of fresh, ideally organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables that you consume is one of the best ways to improve your health’. But what about non-organic fruits and vegetables? Eating conventionally farmed fruits and vegetables is a much better option than not eating any at all; a … [Read more...]

Choose health

If fat loss is your goal, you should really aim at improving your health rather than following any of the literally thousands of plans out there that are based around calorie restriction and product sales rather than nutrient quality. I often meet people who have managed to lose weight but struggle to keep it off and tell me that they feel crap, have no energy, digestive issues and poor skin amongst their many complaints. By improving your … [Read more...]